The Times Band and Session Players play a large variety of tunes normally performed in sets of three. In the early years, there was a standard list of tunes that the players performed. The list is posted at LIST. While there is no standard list today, some of the tune sets from the old list are often played by the session players the music of which follows (numbers are the those assigned from the list):

1 - Dick Gossip's/Earl's Chair/DInky's
2 - Miller's Maggot/Killavil/Dan the Cobbler
3 - Concertina/Banshee/Wise Maid
4 - Willie Coleman's/Mist on the Mountain/Paddy's Return
5 - Love at the Endings/Tuttle's/Silver Spear
6 - Orphan/Lilting Banshee/Stan Chapman's
7 - Paddy Fahy's/12 Pins/Ships Are Sailing
8 - Caliope House/Erin's Key/Mchael McGoldrick's
9 - Drag Her Around the Road/Paddy's Trip to Scotland/Hunter's House
10 - Strayaway Child/Jig of Slurs
12 - Mouse in the Cupboard/Tone Rowe's/Alabama Rick's
13 - Tommy People's/Man of the House/Paddy Taylor's
14 - Fig for a Kiss/Foxhunter's/Trip to Durrow
15 - Dowd's #9/Bag of Spuds/Siobhan O'Donnell's
17 - Hut of Staffin Island/Virginia/Silver Spire
18 - Maguire's/Bold Doherty/Coleman's
19 - Jackie Coleman's/Golden Keyboard/Mulqueen's
21 - Farewell to Ireland/Congress/Reconciliation
22 - Coach Road to Sligo/Leitrim Fancy/Peacock's Feather
23 - Far from Home/Drunken Landlady/Boy in the Gap
25- My Love Is in America/Maid in the Cherry Tree/Ashplant
26 - Tatter Jack Walsh/Kesh/Paudeen O'Rafferty
29 - Farrel O'Gara/Old Copperplate/John Stenson's